First 8 Things You Should Do After You Buy

Dated: 11/18/2015

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So you just purchased a new home, congratulations!  Now before you begin a new chapter in your life there are a few basic things you should get squared away.  Many new homeowners assume that since they had a home inspection they are in the clear.  However, there are several details to take care of that include everything from paperwork to minor maintenance.  So before you start moving your belongings into your humble new abode, here are 8 things you should do after buying a home.

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Get Familiar With Utility Equipment


Even though you may have been present during your home inspection not everything you need to be familiar with was explained to you.  Find your electrical panel and make sure all breakers are labeled correctly and functioning.  In addition find the water cut off valve and make sure that works as well.  For added measure, get the hot water heater and other equipment serviced especially if you are closing in on the winter months (having the warranty is key as well).


Change Your Locks


One of the the most universal tips given to new homeowners is too change your locks.  You have no idea how many copies of the original locks were made and who has spares.  For safety precaution be proactive and call a locksmith or change the locks yourself.  Research local locksmiths in the area and pick one with great reviews from an ample amount of ratings.


Change Your Address/Update Utilities/Driving/Voting Information


Sounds like common sense but so many people fail to execute this simple task. Make sure all bases are covered including electricity, gas, cable, telephone, internet, garbage, sewer, and water.  You do not want to deal with living in a new home and having service cut off or worse yet still paying for utilities from your former residence.  In addition make sure your license, registration and voting information is up-to-date.


 Now’s The Time to Paint

Brushes and paint-roller on a colour guide

Brushes and paint-roller on a colour guide

Before you go out and start buying new furniture for your home use the opportunity of an empty home to paint.  Nothing is in the way and nothing besides the floor needs to be covered.  If the task seems daunting and a painting company is a little to pricey for you, throw a paint party.  Invite some friends and supply the equipment, paint, pizza and brews.


 Check Your Smoke Detectors/Fire Extinguishers


Safety first. Don’t take for granted the fact that the smoke detectors are visible, test them.  Make sure all smoke and or carbon monoxide detectors are functioning.  To be on the safe side, install new batteries regardless of how new the current ones look.  It would also be a good idea to invest in a new fire extinguisher for the kitchen.


 Give Your Home a Deep Cleaning


This is best to do before you start bringing in your big furniture items.  If your new home has carpets, shampoo them.  Make sure all common area rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned.  If time is of the essence, hire a cleaning company.


 Greet Your Neighbors

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In this day and age it may be a little weird and awkward to knock on your neighbor’s door unannounced and with nothing really more to say than “Hi, I am your new neighbor.” If you’re outgoing and bubbly then you may not have a problem with this.  However, if you’re more of an introvert then just hold off until you see them out and about.  Give a warm hello and then introduce yourself.  Depending on how long your neighbors have been around, they may be able to share invaluable information about your new neighborhood such as cool things to do and places to check out.


Call an Exterminator/Pest Control


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It may be a good ideal to be proactive in this department.  Before you move in furniture and start moving in boxes, hire a pest control company to spray your new home to eliminate any issues you may have or curve future issues with pests.

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